Ms Kim.G.Ellis Hayes

International Lawyer & Scientist-Astronaut Candidate

Kim Ellis Hayes is an award-winning scientist & Supreme Court Admitted lawyer with demonstrated executive-level thought leadership skills in public and private sector contexts for aerospace and defence markets. With highly developed expertise in global public policy strategy management related to global regulatory affairs for satellites and space activities, Kim's established deep network of US, European and Australian industry strategic relationships with regulatory agencies, high level regulatory executives and International public policy legal framework stakeholders coupled with a comprehensive understanding of legal mechanisms supporting Low Earth Orbit operations is unique.
Kim is a subject matter expert in Suborbital Crew (SubC) Space Transportation Services, (in support of NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate) and is trained on relevant techniques for suborbital research and testing in microgravity and advancement of payload TRL ahead of orbital deployment for NASA Flight Opportunities.

Kim is the Space Technology Discipline & Aerospace Legal Lead for Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, and an Adjunct Faculty member of the International Space University, she leads curriculum development for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional level education related to Space Operations internationally and manages a collaborative industry partner network for student space research programs.
Accredited as an International Lawyer, Kim possesses advanced speaking and presentation skills, is a TEDx speaker and was recruited by the World Economic Forum consortium, the European Space Agency & MIT to contribute to creating the model to provide a new, innovative way of addressing the orbital challenge by encouraging responsible behavior in space through increasing the transparency of organizations’ debris mitigation efforts.

The Discipline co-ordinator for Space Technology at Swinburne University, Kim works at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing and is also an Adjunct Faculty member of the International Space University. Her thought leadership in academic research related to Space Governance, Law and Space Applications led her to being selected by the World Economic Forum, ESA and MIT to contribute to creating the model for a new Space Sustainability Rating system designed to encourage sustainable behaviour in space and reduce new orbital debris creation. An elected member of the International Institute for Space Law, Kim is an official observer at the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space UNCOPUOS, Legal Subcommittee in Vienna, Austria.

Ms Ellis serves on a number of advisory boards, review panels and executive committee's related to Aerospace & Technology in Australia, Europe and the United States. These include the American Bar Association Forum of Air and Space Law committee & International Defense & Aerospace Industries group, Universities Space Research Association,  NASA Postdoctoral Program and the Monash University Aerospace Industry Advisory Group. As an official observer to the United Nations Hague Space Resource Governance Working Group she contributed to the development of the first Building Blocks for the development of an International Framework on Space Resource Activities.  The recipient of an Australian Government Endeavour Executive Fellowship for International Space collaboration and engagement, Kim is regularly invited by International Space Agencies, Australian government and Commercial Space Businesses to speak at conferences and space industry events.  

Passionate about STEM education and outreach for children and teenagers, Kim is a long term volunteer for the CSIRO STEM professionals in schools program and delivers volunteer workshops building Mars ATV's and Lunar Landers for YMCA summer camps. Selected to train as a Scientist-Astronaut during September 2020 in Florida, Kim will be qualified to fly missions for NASA 501(c) (3) astronautics research and education program which studies our upper-atmosphere and its role in our changing global climate.  On completion of her training, Kim will be a Suborbital Flight crew member accredited for spaceflight to a level which exceeds the minimum US CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS § 460.5(b) Crew qualifications and training for Human Space Flight.

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