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Breaking Barriers VIP Day Breakthrough session -

You need a VIP Day!

We have a few spots left for clients in 2023; I am looking forward to helping you hit 2024 running!

VIP days available; Orlando, Florida between January 23rd and February 1st 2024

After booking, Kim will reach out to schedule the date and collect all of the important information about you.  

What you'll get:

  • Work with Kim Ellis Hayes one-on-one
  • It's all about you pivoting in your career - chart your course with Kim
  • Get Kim's award winning, barrier breaking mindset focused on you for the day!

What will you accomplish during your VIP Day?

Anything you want. 
 This day is all about you. You can;

  1. Ask Kim to evaluate where you are to identify missed opportunities. She’ll point out easy money you’re leaving on the table and how to 10x your earnings or funding and grants without working longer and harder.
  2. Create your visibility plan to bring your story, message, and value to your new career.
  3. Get feedback on your current online 'footprint' to see where you can tweak your message to start moving towards your new career.  
  4. Clear mindset blocks that keep you stuck in old patterns like undercharging, overcommitting, playing small, or wasting time with piddly back-up plans instead of going ALL IN on your goals.
  5. Create the blueprint to identify and launch your new game plan and the steps to realistically get there in the next year.


Book a VIP day if;

  • You are trying to find your niche either as an employee or a business owner.  
  • You want to pivot to a new career earning more money and gaining more free time
  • You have an income of at least $50,000 from a job or $100,000 in your business. 
  • You want to double or triple your income and revenue in the next 12 months.
  • You want to learn about easy ways to secure funding and grants to help you make the transition.
  • You recognise you need coaching and mentorship to get you there!
  • You are ready to be challenged, and ready for expansive,
    visionary ideas that push you beyond what you think is
  • You are coachable and ready to hear the hard truths about how you are holding yourself back.

A message from Kim:

A message from Kim Ellis Hayes; You are standing at the beginning of a new adventure, but it's scary as hell. Whether you are looking to make the leap into a different industry, change jobs in your existing industry or start over, it's completely achievable to create a job or career which is a complete adventure. And, you recognize that this is only the beginning. You want more. More wealth. More impact. More time. More peace, power, and joy. You can absolutely have more. However, the steps that got you to your current level of success won’t necessarily get you to the next level. I learned so much about myself from spaceflight training, about how fear holds us back from the greatest adventures of our lives. You need a new plan. You need an elevated, all-in mindset I’m talking top .001% of the world. You need a mentor who sees the potential that you’re not seeing yet, who points out the opportunities that are yours for the taking, and holds the vision before you fully believe it yourself. You need someone who will not laugh at your dreams and goals, because I know what it's like not to have anyone in my corner. If you’re ready to 10x your results, and want to do it rapidly, a VIP Day is for you. This is the only way to work with me one on one outside of my role as a CEO and aerospace career where I am training for spaceflight and sending experiments to the International Space Station. Work with me and let’s get you there. I regularly send objects out of this world, I believe I can deliver 'out of this world' results for you too.

Kim Ellis Hayes

$2,500.00 USD

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