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Australian International Lawyer

Scientist & Astronaut Candidate



Kim Ellis is an award winning Australian Lawyer, Scientist and STEM Professional who traded her steelcap boots and hardhat for a Spacesuit. A 2020 Scientist-Astronaut Candidate for the PoSSUM Project (Polar Sub-orbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere) conducting atmospheric research, Kim is also the Legal lead for Swinburne University of Technology, Department of Astrophysics & Supercomputing, Space Office in Melbourne, Australia, an Adjunct Faculty member for the International Space University in Strasbourg, France and Director of International Earth & Space Technology Pty Ltd.  As a Science, Technology, Innovation and STEM speaker, Kim offers an insight into the future of life as we know it on earth. 

"“Kim has this knack of explaining matters of science and space technology in everyday terms that non scientists- us ordinary people- can actually understand! Not only that, but she makes it relevant to your life. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm for what she does makes you want to know and care more about the possibilities for space technology to become ever more real and relevant to life here and now, rather than some pie-in-the sky futuristic vision.”"

Helen Claire
ABC Radio Presenter

Astronaut Planet

Coming soon - Astronaut Planet is a startup which develops Australian Space & STEM leaders of the future through the delivery of Open Innovation Competitions and Community & Business Engagement Blueprints. 


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