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Hayes Group LLC (United States) &

International Earth & Space Technology Pty Ltd. (Australia)


Kim is an award winning Australian Lawyer, Scientist and STEM Professional who traded her steelcap boots and hardhat for a Spacesuit. Selected as a PoSSUM 13 Global Ambassador, Kim is the CEO of Hayes Group LLC in the United States.   Space Technology Program Manager for Space Education at Swinburne University of Technology and an Adjunct Faculty member for the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, Kim also serves as Director of International Earth & Space Technology Pty Ltd.  Kim is educating the next generation of Space Industry Professionals with cutting edge project based learning activities and innovative STEM curriculum. As a Science, Technology, Innovation & STEM speaker, Kim was selected to deliver a TEDx talk in Feb 2021 for the SpacePort Summit. As Space opens up to humanity in ways we never imagined before, Kim's goal is to be the first Australian woman (and Lawyer) to conduct Research on a Commercial Suborbital Spaceflight.  Stay tuned as Kim reaches for the Stars!

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"I invited Kim to share her unique international insight and experience as a speaker for the Space Congress which has been held each year at Cape Canaveral since the early 1960’s. I took over as NASA liaison for Space Congress in 2016 and wanted to add more international speakers. Kim’s presentations were exciting, interesting and engaging, and I highly recommend Kim as a speaker, panelist or moderator for your next conference, training or event- she is a true professional. (The Space Congress is a 3 day conference which brings together space industry experts and leaders and attracts an audience of around 1000 people including current and former Astronauts, NASA space program professionals and Commercial Space Industry leaders)."

Suzy Cunningham
Aerospace Engineer, NASA Kennedy Space Center Strategy & Integration Manager

" Kim was asked to speak at the Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards in 2019. One of the most essential ingredients for a great Awards night is the keynote speaker – and Kim was the highlight of the night. The moment Kim took to the stage, the audience of more than 350 were enthralled. Her story is unique and inspiring, and it was delivered with such genuine energy and presence. Kim’s illustrious career, taking her all the way to NASA is incredible and should be heard. She has the ability to connect with people in a powerful way – I would highly recommend Kim, and would be honoured to have her speak at future events. "

Peter Francis CEO Dantia
Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards in 2019

"“Kim has this knack of explaining matters of science and space technology in everyday terms that non scientists- us ordinary people- can actually understand! Not only that, but she makes it relevant to your life. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm for what she does makes you want to know and care more about the possibilities for space technology to become ever more real and relevant to life here and now, rather than some pie-in-the sky futuristic vision.”"

Helen Claire
ABC Radio Presenter

"Kim led our recent Aviation/Aerospace Australia & Swinburne University Space Conference, virtual event on Commercializing Space Travel. As part of a series, this topic focused on law, policy, human factors and space medicine considerations for future space travel with paying passengers. Kim kindly joined us in the middle of the night from the US for a fantastic presentation. "

Tamara Bell
Executive Director, Aviation/Aerospace Australia

"Kim was invited to speak at the bi-annual Flinders Horizon Award Leadership Summit which featured distinguished and experienced leaders across a range of industries and disciplines. Kim delivered an inspiring and engaging presentation to Flinders university students, with honest and generous responses to student questions. Kim was excellent to work with – super prepared and professional - and we were delighted with the positive feedback we received from students. Thank you for sharing your story Kim!"

Ursula Bronicki
Team Leader Flinders Horizon Award

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