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Welcome to my official blog post & STEM Channel

earth space tech Jan 26, 2020

This is the official blog of Ms Kim Gina Ellis, lawyer & scientist, mum and STEM Adventurer!  Thankyou to everyone who asked for how to connect with me and my journey as a Scientist-Astronaut for the PoSSUM Project in the USA; because now I have setup this Blog to serve as a 'travel guide'. 

To find out more about the training program that I am doing, check out this video;

NASA Astronaut Winston Scott talks about Project Possum

Check back on Wednesday's and Fridays for updates on the Blog!

If you would like exclusive insider access to STEM Activities, Workshops and training, you can subscribe to my Membership site by clicking the link or image below;

STEM & Space Membership Site

On Wednesday the 29th, I will do a video blog available on the Membership site about what's on my plate for Astronaut training this week and talk about some great STEM activities that I have done in the US for high school students there.

Do you have a career question about STEM?  Let me know if you are planning on working in STEM and what are your aspirations?


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