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The NASA Perseverance Rover launched thismorning and is headed to Mars

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2020

Launched this morning aboard a ULA Atlas 541 Rocket , the Mars 2020 NASA Perseverance Mission will land on Mars in February 2021.  This is another example of the incredible reach into our solar system that the amazing folks at NASA have achieved.  The Perseverance Rover will explore a geologically diverse landing site and to seek signs of ancient life.  Check out everything about this mission at the NASA site 

This cool little boarding pass that NASA created for a future mission to Mars in 2026 will fly my name there.  It is so incredible that there are currently two spacecraft on their way to Mars, (USA and China) and both are scheduled to land on the red planet in February.  

What's your dream for Mars?

Cheers Kim 

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