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Happy International Women's Day!

Mar 08, 2021

March 8th is celebrated all around the world as International Women's Day to celebrate the achievements and advancements which women have made socially, economically, culturally and politically and also a chance to renew the call to action to accelerate gender parity. Recently, the NASA Mars Rover, Perseverance, landed on the Red planet in search of evidence of ancient life. 

Perseverance in all areas of your life will take you to places which you never imagined that you could go.  For example, if you were unsuccessful in landing the job that you believed was your dream job, apply again.  If you are not selected as an ambassador or as your class representative - get ready to do it all over again.  Fail an exam?  Retake it?  Lost your job?  Go find a new adventure and I promise you - you will land in a place that is so much better than you imagined. 

In my role as the Space Technology Program manager and course convenor for an Australian University, I see undergraduate students - especially young women who are confident and ready to meet each challenge head on and I also see young women who don't get it right first time and want to give up right away.  Our own perceived 'failure' doesn't really mean anything other than you have to give it another go using the lessons learned from the 'failure'.  I use the brackets around the word failure because don't believe in failure - only life lessons.

Celebrate and pat yourself on the back for all a job well done and also for the jobs that were not so great but taught you how to persevere!

My team created this cool Zoom background to remind you to Persevere, download it from here;

Download the graphic above as a Zoom Virtual Background to show your support for Women in Space.

Click Here or click this link

Happy International Women's Day!  Tell me how you intend to celebrate!

Kind Regards

Kim G Ellis Hayes


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