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Superbowl Advertisments #makespaceforwomen

Feb 03, 2020

I was very encouraged to see a few commercials which featured women who chose a space career during the superbowl  (Nicole Stott who is a NASA Astronaut and Alyssa Carson a young influencer who hopes to be the first person to walk on Mars) both ladies are involved with Project Possum.  Hopefully, this new decade will provide women both young and old with new opportunities to pursue their passion in space and technology fields. (STEM or sometimes now referred to as STEAM to reflect how creativity and art is an important influence and catalyst in technology development).  One of the advertisments,by Oil of Olay proposed that the company would donate $1 to Women who Code (up to $500,000) for each tweet of #MakeSpaceForWomen. 

Of course it takes more than money to really make a change to close the gender gap when it comes to the low number of women in STEM occupations. I want to give kudos to Olay, because while money alone can't fix the issue,  its an important component of the solution. The all female commercial aired on a night that is traditionally full of male dominated commercials which I think is a fantastic.  You can check out the ad here  While I am generally not a fan of women being portrayed as airheads like some of the cast was portrayed (ie. Busy and Lilly's portrayal of their astronaut characters) it's important to remember that the humour of the advertisment is what will make viewers remember the message that Women can do anything they set their mind to do.

Speaking of 'to do', I owe you all my Astronaut Candidate to do list for this last week;

  1. More time at the Gym which I am still struggling with because I don't really like the gym.  It hurts and it makes me tired. LOL
  2. Two media interviews, one with the NSW Law Society for a front cover article and the second for the University of Adelaide.
  3. Am a finalist in the Science & Technology Australia STEM Ambassador program and am required to submit a 2 minute video to progress to the next round.
  4. Update online STEM platform with more teacher/lecturer resources
  5. Finish updating my STEM story about how I went from losing my job at the end of 2008 to becoming a Space Lawyer & Scientist-Astronaut Candidate.  (Will send a link when its done).

Till next week!  Ad Astra!

Wishing you success in all that you do this week!



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