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Hi, my name is Kim Ellis Hayes and I am almost always the only woman in the room at work. As a STEM professional, I have spent almost all of my career as either the only woman in the room or one of the few women in the room.  It can sometimes feel like there is little support.  That's why I have created this  Launchpad!

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The STEM Career Launchpad  is for STEM professionals, just like you.


Launchpad Benefits Include


Tailored advice specific to your situation.


Community support from other women just like you.


Helpful tools and strategies to take your career to the next level.

The moment you join, you will get 24/7 access to all our benefits, a weekly group  Zoom session with Kim, support from our STEM Career pro team, and access to our incredible members-only community full of like-minded individuals focused on career growth and success!

Weekly Group Zoom Sessions cover a range of topics  and are run each Wednesday from the 1st of February. They  are a great opportunity for a chance to ask one on one questions with Kim around anything you are struggling with. Sessions are also recorded in case your unable to attend and will be available to download from the private Facebook group after each session.  

Dates and times may vary, it will be promoted on Facebook and Instagram. 

Ideally classes will be weekly, but obviously, things may change. 

Starting Topics... 

  • STEM career roadmap
  • Gender equity in STEM
  • Networking
  • Finding a new job
  • Upskilling
  • Professional organisations to help your stem career
  • Funding
  • Education
  • Using social media to promote yourself
  • What do you really want from a career?
  • What does success that look to you?
  • What career or industry do you want to move to?
  • What skills do you currently have?
  • Identify your ultimate Dream Job/career and potential steps towards that goal.

Instructed by Kim G Ellis Hayes

Just over 11 years ago, Kim was an unknown research scientist, working away in a laboratory oblivious to the massive life change that was headed towards her. She is fast becoming known as a champion for a population faced with job loss and economic downturn after having experienced this herself. In December 2008, Kim lost her job through a non-voluntary redundancy in a company restructure (just in time for Christmas!) and she has shared this journey with her community. Facing such a huge change was terrifying but Kim saw it as an opportunity to live the life of her dreams. 

Since then, Kim Ellis Hayes has achieved and experienced more than she ever could have imagined in her wildest dreams. Daydreaming of working in the Space Industry her whole life, since losing her job Kim has received scholarships, sponsorships, Government and professional industry association awards to do exactly that and is now a lawyer, an expert in Space and International Law, science and technology and in the process of completing her Space Flight Training. 

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