If you are a woman working  in STEM, Tech or Aerospace, (Or you are part of a team which supports women in these fields),  you are in the right place!  

This online membership and education platform  has a focus on providing tools to  accelerate your career and overcome barriers and obstacles. The program is designed to help women reach their full potential in their chosen fields by providing them with the skills, resources, and support they need to succeed. This program directly addresses gender equity by providing training and tools which can be used  to increase the representation of women in STEM, Tech, and Aerospace.

  You owe it to yourself to quit stalling and start getting serious. It's time to launch your career in STEM to the next level. Go from INVISIBLE to LEADER in your niche almost instantly

Ms Kim Ellis Hayes, an award winning, career STEM professional (and Astronaut in training) shares her insight and success tips and tricks live, every week. Join her today!

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Hi, my name is Kim Ellis Hayes and I am almost, always, the only woman in the room at work. I have had an amazing career and am frequently asked to share my experiences. 

So many women in the STEM community have asked me to spend time to unpack how I managed kids, a career and now, training for spaceflight while leading a next generation space workforce education program.    I have to be honest, for much of my career, I have had to propel myself forwards without much support. It was sometimes really lonely and hard to keep going. Of course some places have mentoring programs (which are great - by the way) and there are many amazing coaches who can help you to get to the next level. 

How do you find a circle of 'like minded people' who you can meetup with and connect? People who can help each other to win with the everyday stuff that gets in the way of us accelerating our careers. 


  That's why I have created this  Launchpad to accelerate your success by providing you with the support you need!

Join today and allow us to give you the career promotion education, opportunities, resources, and support you need to find incredible career success easier than you ever thought possible.

The STEM Career Launchpad  is for STEM professionals, just like you.



Launchpad Benefits Include


Tailored advice specific to your situation.


Community support from other women just like you.


Helpful tools and strategies to take your career to the next level.

The moment you join, you will get 24/7 access to all our benefits, a weekly group  Zoom session with Kim, support from our STEM Career pro team, and access to our incredible members-only community full of like-minded individuals focused on career growth and success!

Community Membership Benefits:

  • Weekly Group LIVE coaching and training covering relevant topics. Currently* these sessions are at 5pm US EST (9am Australian EDT) live in the membership. *subject to change
  • Downloadable resources and training to accelerate your career. 
  • Guest speakers once per month  in the LIVE room.  
  • All LIVE sessions are recorded and available 24/7  in the Membership Area. 
  • 'Ask your question' on the LIVE call. 
  • 24/7 Access to downloadable resources 
  • 24/7 Access to the Community membership page where you can connect with other women in STEM, just like you. 

Goals and Objectives of the Women in STEM, Tech & Aerospace Launchpad, Membership Community:

  1. To provide mentorship and coaching opportunities to women in STEM, Tech, and Aerospace to support their career growth and development.
  2. To address the systemic barriers and obstacles that women face in these industries, such as gender bias, lack of representation, and unequal pay by providing training. 
  3. To increase the representation of women in STEM, Tech, and Aerospace through targeted outreach and recruitment efforts.
  4. To foster a sense of community and support among women in STEM, Tech, and Aerospace.
  5. To promote gender equity and diversity within STEM, Tech, and Aerospace organizations.


STEM Career Launchpad LIVE Monthly Membership


Top features

  • Weekly LIVE video calls 
  • Online resources for landing funding
  • Support from the Community Team
  • Education platform 
  • Community membership to network and share
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Kim G Ellis Hayes is your Spaceflight Director for this Community!

At the end of 2008, just as the Global Financial Crisis was hitting, Kim's job as a specialised member of the global technology team, research scientist was made redundant.  The mining company CEO had made a half a billion dollar bid for a rival mining company and failed, losing half a billion dollars in the process.  That meant the company had to  restructure to whittle down the cash going out for employees (just in time for Christmas!) and let 300 staff go.   Facing such a huge change was terrifying but Kim saw it as an opportunity to live the life of her dreams. 

Since then, Kim Ellis Hayes has achieved and experienced more than she ever could have imagined in her wildest dreams. Daydreaming of working in the Space Industry her whole life, since losing her job Kim has received scholarships, sponsorships, Government and professional industry association awards to do exactly that and is now a lawyer, an expert in Space and International Law, science and technology and completed her Space Flight Training in 2022. 

An award winning STEM Professional, Kim won the;

  • A22 Airspace Awards, Women in Aviation/Aerospace, Outstanding Achievement Award,
  • Highly Commended Award, AMCHAM Global Alliance, Space,
  • ASCEND Diverse Dozen Leadership Award supported by Privateer Space
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Awards Swinburne Empowering the Next Gen via Space Station Experimentation.

Kim is inviting you to join her as she continues to reach for the Stars!